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 Account is being Connected

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PostSubject: Account is being Connected   Sun May 25, 2008 10:54 pm

A Common Problem of ZDM-RAN player's

About this common problem that ZDM-RAN player's encountered, here is the solution or the way that you can avoid
this common problem, example, if you login in our Control Panel make sure when you finish using our Control
Panel, always logout, coz' that is the one of the causes most player is when the server is
disconnected and then when the server will resume sometimes that will be happened but thats is normal you
don't have to worry about your account coz' after few minutes your account will be okay...

take note if you encountered this such problem but without using Control Panel, don't attempt to login by
10minutes or 15minutes so that to avoid conflict on the database files.

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Account is being Connected
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