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 GM application Usefull

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PostSubject: GM application Usefull   Fri Jun 20, 2008 6:09 pm

Name: Michael Geoffrey Uy

IGN (In Game Name): Usefull

Age: 14

Male or Female?: Male

Where do you live?: Philippines

Why you wanna be a gm?: I now applying here because I think this is better for me than Website Designer. I want to become the best GM here and that is included in my goals. Now that i have chance I'm now doing the application. I want to share my abilities of being good GM to others like what i did in my previous server. I love to take the responsibility of a GM. I'm studying well now at school to graduate and to my future. It will be my pleasure to become a part of GM team.

Have you been a gm before?: EternalRose, NLRose, Elemental Rose, NARan Online

How often can you be online?: last time i can be online for 23 hours but now i can only online for 13 hours cause im studying well so it would be lot more fun and challenging
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GM application Usefull
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